Optimization services

Efficiency Web site

  clients: mainly aimed at individuals, fa├žade, shops, businesses and other small and medium enterprise sales

1, rich nice Web page styles for a variety of industries to be selected, with regard to animate a Web page;
2, free. com/.NET/.CN domain name a year in English. Support multiple domain name;
3, and free gift enterprise type unlimited website space one years;
4, and website used PHP+MySQL or ASP+MSSQL dynamic program schema, generated static Html page, has independent background management interface, can convenient released website various content, including 5 big function: news released function, products released function, online orders function, customer message feedback function, success case released function;
5, and 20 a within products information entry;
6, and free gift website flow statistics, intelligent analysis customer source, all clear Yu chest;
7, and free installation set online customer support tool, can embedded QQ/MSN/Skype, chat tool, also installation third party professional customer service software, business pass/TQ chat pass/53 customer service, let flow variable opportunities;
8, and free provides ICP record (customer must provides related identity proved information, as business license);
9, and Free setup 3-5 precise keyword optimization (Baidu, Google) and other search engines, mainly accurate keywords.
10, hours product service, free online consultancy and technical support services provide Internet marketing advice, increase value for customers!