Optimization services

Professional website

according to the company website content feature beautifully tailored page, first-class art requirements, page-layout require structured, clean, clear, clear structure, corporate culture, brand requirements high, each page layout requires distinct businesses.
Home wonderful vivid Flash animation (banner banner animation), shows the company's image.
range of pages: Home, company profiles, and new product launches, products, success stories, press releases, Home Flash animation (banner banner animation), job functions, customer feedback, contact us, links feature, 35 pages.
support page embedded QQ, MSN, Skype and other chat Tools
online customer support system, such as business, negotiate, and 53 service.
international domain names or in English domestic domain for one year, to support multiple domain names. 
200M enterprise space server a years
independent background management, can dynamic released information content, has following function:
company news released function
products released show function
content released function (support file upload, pictures upload, illustrated content released)
customer message feedback function
flow statistics device, intelligent analysis customer source, all clear Yu chest
Home page image to determine duration: 2 working days overall acceptance of periodic
2 business days production cycle: 12-18 working days after effects determine the