Optimization services

The whole website optimization system

  whole website optimization-search engine optimization, business owners website (information non-small ads) spread across the major search platforms to achieve total network coverage, a Web site optimization and promotion method for precision marketing.
a special pointer on all search engines including Baidu, Google, Soso, sogou, Bing integration optimization of whole network coverage.
corporate site b, 3 months more than 30 non-designated main and long tail keywords on the line, the top 2 pages.
c,, over time, keywords will be more and more.
d, 30 non-specified keyword selection criteria: site systems for the interception of client sites built for products in the long tail keywords, then the interception of Baidu users of cloud computing technology and high compared to its interest in using interception of high keyword optimization. Than to choose a few keywords to be scientific.
e, and 100+ other enterprise website Shang has your station of brand links
this system contains: independent domain name, and independent space, and map show, and micro-Bo marketing, and statistics flow function, and online communication tool,
new upgrade of Site App technology let cloud found CMS and phone WAP station data seamless docking, without configuration domain name analytical, phone iPad, Terminal user access Shi first, direct, achieved user full network login.