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  Internet Information Center CNNIC 11th development statistics network status: users use a search engine to know the new site 84.6%, log on search engines, this is one of the most efficient ways to make your website more attractive to potential customers, so as to achieve maximum benefits.
the world's largest Chinese search engine, Baidu, Baidu has over 60 million hits per day, or query information, is the most commonly used Chinese search engine. Million by the China computer education evaluation and IResearch, a consulting study shows that Baidu users most frequently used and most popular Chinese-language search engine.
1, Baidu occupies the leading position in the Chinese search market, over 60 million passenger trips a day to access and query information, which boasts the world's largest Chinese search traffic, is one of China's Internet users favorite Web services!
95% 2, Baidu search users to override Chinese Internet users, with more than 80 million, is one of the most valuable publicity platform.
3, according to IResearch consulting a search engine in early April an independent survey data shows that users search using Baidu 71.4%, topped the list.
4, authorities Alexa2008 April global website ranking shows that Baidu is steadily into the world rankings TOP 10, becoming one of the most influential Chinese-language sites.