Road to power high-end cultural innovation of cloud computing

  modern information technology, networking technology, digital technology and the rapid development of communication technology and other modern technology, has brought revolutionary changes to China's cultural industry, with the deepening of cultural and technological integration, cultural connotation and extension of industry continues to expand, with new media, online gaming, digital publishing, animation, represented emerging cultural industry is booming. Particularly in next generation communication networks, cloud computing, triple play and intelligent terminals, such as the next generation of information technology applications and products in the field of culture, effectively extends the space of cultural industry growth, speeding up the development of cultural industry of speed. For example, cloud computing technology is changing the mode of delivery and use of IT resources, users can use the network anytime, anywhere access to needed services, digital production technologies are widely and continuously promote cultural expression and communication, to meet the public's strong demand for high-end products of cultural services. Overall, network technology, communication technology and digital technology IT technologies become a culture of innovation, leading an important means of cultural and creative industry development.
2010 IT investment of 30.7 billion cloud computing education in China leading educational information
currently, the rise of cloud computing is domestic, people have come to realize, in the networked era, characterized by remote shared, interactive running of cloud computing is a trend, more and more industry information will build networks based on cloud computing platforms. Will cloud computing be applied to the field of education, Shanghai huashi capital and high technology limited company has made useful explorations.
focused on education of East China Normal University scnu capital is a subsidiary of enterprises, by Cisco, Intel, Microsoft and Texas instruments and international strategic cooperation between technology giants such as BenQ, China normal educational information in the capital has grown into a national leading provider of total solutions. Gong Hao, Chairman and Chief Executive of the company, cloud computing is widely used in the field of education. China is such a vast, long-term educational development imbalances. "With the help of cloud computing, to share high quality teaching resources in less developed areas, in particular compulsory education resources. This will not only promote the change of teaching mode, but also promote the educational equalization. "
education, through advanced cloud computing technologies to education information resources and systems integration, unified deployment in the cloud platform, and through the construction of metropolitan area network implementation of an operational-level teachers and students communicate anytime, anywhere on demand, interactive sharing. Gong Hao believes that based on distributed computing, user-centric, there are remote data servers (clouds) cloud computing for education of information technology to provide a new way of thinking and breakthrough.

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