Innovation profitable Internet

  Mobile has entered the fast lane of the Internet development in China. At the end of June this year, China's Internet users totaled 485 million, with mobile Internet users reached 318 million. In addition, the mobile Internet market in China in the first half totaled 13.23 billion yuan, compared with 55% per cent. Especially in the mobile phone users in Guangdong Province, only the mobile number of mobile Internet users up to 61.3 million, mobile one-fifth, mobile Internet penetration is more than 60%.
mobile Internet industry chain in the proactive transformation, to be more focused on customer experience, more emphasis on continuous innovation, cooperation, sharing the ecological chain of mobile Internet and cloud services. In this situation, thinking of the Internet to transform the traditional communication service, innovation and business model innovation, an inevitable choice for communications carriers to expand into mobile Internet.
Internet thinking to transform the traditional communication service
in the age of the mobile Internet, new communication services with fast, accurate, abundant, cheap new features, rapid development gradually produce a replacement for traditional communications. The Internet company is based on the mobile communication network communication service, change the pattern of the communications industry, mergers and Terminal companies, access to industry leadership. Telecom operators faced with this change, from business development, user management, Terminal customized, platform and other aspects of Internet optimization and transformation, so as to achieve business development initiative, and to create a new industry chain. Internet business goes through 4 stages of development: development of basic business, form a user network, the development community, deeply integrated Terminal platform applications. Traditional communications services in addition to the construction of a network of basic stage, remaining similar to the Internet business. For operators,
, must be in accordance with the thinking of the Internet to transform the traditional communication service. First to relies on communications network and platform advantage, enhanced traditional communications function, optimization user experience, build operators unique of Internet communications products; second to strengthening and terminal manufacturers cooperation, through phone standard communications module, upgrade communications function in phone using in the of accounted for than; third to integrated Internet application, build community + application + terminal of mobile Internet communications open platform, building new of communications industry chain.
in particular, is based on standard Internet software development to optimize the communication services, by software rapid iterative development, continuous product optimization. Operators need to be user-centric, product positioning, feature from the communication, interactive process, complete the user interface of the product design, Internet application functionality and experience to optimize the experience criteria. Second, communication network platform advantages into full play, operator has the advantage of communication network platform, now includes text messaging platform and softswitch platforms, conferencing platform, terminal status, location information, network QoS guarantee and so on. Operators need to give full play to our advantages, from the network adapter, users cover, product stability, achieve differentiated Internet communications business with Internet. Third, effective management and adequate mining chains, chain management users safeguard the accuracy of communication services, reducing the transmission of spam. Through a communication record mining chains, more directly than the Internet, you can recommend expanding the chain's size, forming communities. After the community reaches a certain scale, can also carry out viral marketing operator's own business or cooperative businesses. Four is to promote communication module for mobile terminal upgrades, terminal operators need to customize policy adjustments, change to light in content and services tailored to the business strategy. Basic communications, such as service message, voice, address book function, keep the original Terminal system features at the same time, standard application modules provided by the operator, and dynamic update. This can form a unified communications experience to enhance the operator quality communication services, on the other hand Terminal the company's research and development costs can be reduced so that it focused on hardware development, keeping the Terminal the company's competitiveness. Five is the basis of communication capability as an integrated platform, communication as main business and strength of the operator, no doubt in the integrated platform is at the core and platform to expand the basis for other capability. Other platforms, such as certification, location, payment, are required on technical capabilities and business models with depth fusion communications, in any application that uses telecommunications platform, the user can easily communicate.
six dimensions to explore mobile Internet profit
in order to better promote the mobile Internet business model innovation, needs content, location, flow rate, tariff, value chains and networks of six dimensions to explore.
is to provide differentiated services. Enterprises to improve the customer experience as the Center, strengthen business innovation to meet customer demand difference, diversity, fragmentation, with high quality content products cultivate the habit of users pay for content, with high quality content to attract users, converged traffic. Second is the correct customer location. Advantages of mobile Internet is that it allows a large number of sources of information and effective access and roaming everywhere personal communications, mobile Internet customers more fashion consumer groups. Third, pay attention to traffic management, traffic to deliver advertising value. Only big flow in order to improve the flow of advertising value, thereby attracting advertisers to advertise, expand profitable channels. Four is the design rational tariff scheme. Reasonable tariff plan will move the user consumption, give users a reasonable low price, its premise is not cause to resources beyond the control of the abuse, will not impact the normal operation of the network. Five is the integrated value chain, form a good industry eco-system. Mobile operators should be based on user demand, and content service providers and Terminal companies, software developers, such as cooperation in all aspects of the value chain, growing popularity of mobile intelligent Terminal, innovative applications, by using the proper profit distribution model, mobilize the enthusiasm of the whole value chain and achieve win-win cooperation. Six-speed up 3G network optimization, and Wi-Fi coverage, improve user Internet access speed. To solve the problem of network load, really allows users to experience the pleasure of high speed Internet access.
practice is worth learning, Guangdong Mobile to establish new patterns of cooperation and win-win cooperation. With mature technology, user groups and other resources, Guangdong Mobile to speed up integration of mobile Internet resources to promote mobile application stores, mobile community treasure and many other mobile Internet capability, cell phone platform and platform construction and operation work, establishment of new patterns of cooperation and win-win cooperation. Guangdong mobile user experience, and based on the platform and channels, in accordance with the "openness, integration, innovation, competition, and win-win" principle, for partners and consumers provide two one-stop services, integration of resources, creating customer value, to optimize mobile Internet business model, integration and innovative features such as open.
mobile Internet in China has entered the fast lane when operators need more content, location, flow rates, value chains and networks, actively explore and deep development of mobile Internet business model. Provide differentiated services, correct customer location, pay special attention to traffic management design rational tariff scheme; integrated value chain, form a good industry ecosystem and achieve win-win cooperation speed up 3G network optimization, and Wi-Fi coverage, improve user Internet access speed is more realistic and effective action.