Baidu statistics latest features start to use

  as an Internet company, we always pay attention to traffic official site, logical to install Baidu statistics used to monitor our site visits. It is learnt that as at present a professional, comprehensive Web site traffic analysis tools, AdSense, Baidu statistics in the Edition and client at the same time launch a new practical tools---site speed diagnosis, including the speed and intuitive for the different carrier networks rated, comprehensive reference of detailed data and targeted recommendations. Web site access speed determines the quality of the user experience has always been highly valued by website operators, but because of the lack of powerful tools know that improve and enhance the site speed is often overwhelming. Baidu statistics speed Diagnostics launched a new website, Baidu Alliance partners will bring more surprises.
Baidu statistics speed function can provide more comprehensive and detailed data, covering test points, test, time, URL and time lines, operators have a more specific understanding of site speed. Most notably the two highlights were scoring and diagnostic suggestions, broken in one fell swoop the past two major obstacles affecting the Web site speed optimization.
1, and intuitive, to website speed played overall broke up, bad degree at a glance;
2, and diagnosis recommends clear specific, can operation sex strong;
in one years of time in, Baidu statistics around with website statistics and data analysis needs, launched has more items new function and original function of upgrade, as SEO recommends, and search word ranking, and Baidu included volume query,, to Internet data statistics and optimization website brings has huge of convenience, To help hundreds of thousands of webmasters group, and Baidu has more than 400,000 customers upgrade to grasp user requirements and the ability to optimize the front end experience. Baidu statistics official said that Baidu has always been the demand from the market point of view, grasp the ability to use its technological advantages and requirements by providing auxiliary means of raising revenue and return on, support the growth and development of the Internet in China.