Internet brands fully deconstructed

  just past of August in commercial field series of big event let people eye-popping: August 16, millet phone official released, a zhiqian no phone making experience of team released of first paragraph products actually by has fans and industry of hot holding; on in same day, established Yu 1928 of communications giant Motorola will its phone business sold to has only 13 years history of young of network upstart Google; not to one week zhihou, IT giant Hewlett-Packard announced that it would give up their steps for difficult PC business, focused on software business it deems to have greater growth potential.
If you put these events together to read comprehensive Subversion will find that the Internet is all business. As the founder of Netscape, Silicon Valley investor Mark Anderson recently asserted that "software is consuming the whole world", this is no longer just a rosy predictions about the future, has become the raging tide. From a brand perspective, in the process of branding and communications, gene of the Internet are becoming more and more important, we call it your brand on the Internet.
today, a brand of construction and growth are facing the full deconstruction of the Internet.
traditional brand media is usually the first advertisements air bombardment and media follow up form the public basic cognitive and experiential marketing, shop promotion, opinion leaders and even the testimony of a typical user, to be part of spreading audiences into users, and reputation. This reputation through the Internet especially in the search for further amplification. On the face of it is omni-directional stereo transmission operations actually transmitted directly into the user's rate is very low, resulting in only one brand of atmosphere.
path of branding in the age of the Internet, is entirely different. Ever complete the transformation of mass communication to users of the product strategies, Internet brands rule is a local product or affiliate product experience and iterative improvement of the speed of the Internet to form user communities and Word of mouth, and then into a full product users. We have a phone listing of communications case study will see the changes.
phone released hot formed through the local product is already massive and stable active user community and fan groups willing to preach, and using the Internet to organize all the packages distributed and rapid iterative development system is the core capability of branding in the age of the Internet. Lei do Smartphone has a long history, but the team from rice can talk about this software with a high viscosity can subvert the messages start, take this in the half-quickly build a 3.5 million and growing user community and chat through the meter to direct users to other local millet products, including rice and other chat applications OS MIUI millet. Experienced users of each local products will also invite other users to participate in the experience. The heavy users are not only experience and product developer of crowdsourcing and the most faithful preacher. MIUI, within less than a year with more than 300,000 people of community developers, and even from many overseas countries the MIUI "fans" form. Whenever a new version of the MIUI ROM releases, will be translated to a local language version of their own--which also makes the MIUI has owned more than 20 countries and regions languages.
layout makes the Internet spread millet products listed as original, success will come. In fact, spirit of millet's case represents the Internet subversion of brand communication: traditional premise of brand communication is to create a complete product, everything behind closed doors after the research and development of new products to the market, brand communication at this time is more of a one-way pass, for many traditional businesses, but the Internet is just a communication channel.
However, in social times increasingly more of enterprise began attempts to with with a Internet of way again established brand: through software of service formed brand firm of fans group, in and fans of interactive process in the, products had to do to Internet of speed for update and improved, brand in established early will particularly note user of feedback, a brand of spread power of fundamental is and user interactive of capacity and just master has how many spread channel.
back on the concept of branding, brand is an active consistent users of products of Lenovo. The rapid flow of information in social networks, brand rapid turnover on the hot topic of the Matthew effect constant of strong and weak weak. Users positive brand of strong keep consistent associations must use Internet speeds continue to meet users ' needs and Word of mouth quickly spread.
for traditional of brand spread for this will is a huge of challenge, traditional brand to wants to again refresh himself of brand, must to let himself of thinking way completed refresh, and not just established a official micro-Bo, open several network stores so simple, this need in brand spread of beginning on attention and user of interactive, with Internet of feedback speed improved himself of products, and not just will network as himself put advertising of battlefield. This complete revolution of thinking may seem cruel, but think about the demise of borders bookstores and the rise of Amazon, look at more than 3 years ago was forced to close more than 600 stores Starbucks ' Schultz after the handover and network user community innovation initiatives to reshape the coffee business, you will find, in the progressive era, stopped running only the consequences of waiting for were eliminated.