Google's biggest threat-Siri or changed Internet search

  "history shows that the hot technologies will often be replaced by new models. "This is Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) to United States Senate Antitrust, competition policy and consumer rights Subcommittee came to the conclusion in a letter, his aim is to defend Google's current status: you don't have to worry about our strengths, because there will definitely be something will take our position.
now, this thing comes, it is called Siri.
Siri, though not only is expected to end the dominance of Google technology, but when she saw Schmidt's letter, it is easy to imagine: Schmidt must have realized that Apple and Siri has become Google's biggest threat.
Apple the latest technology in Schmidt's 15 times in the letter. He wrote that Siri "is a new search technology", represents a "significant development". He even quoted recent TechCrunch comments on potential Siri. All right
Schmidt: Siri is an important development. In fact, Siri was the most important development since Google was born. Indeed, in Google's history, IT also emerged many other poses a threat to Google's services, including Facebook. But prior to the review of 3-5 years of history would find that, compared with Apple's acquisition of Siri, these are trivial.
This is because Siri from your computer during a search of the "passive" participants into the "active" participant. In Google's search mode, the search request is given, you can get the 10 blue links, while Siri can actively participate in this process, and give the correct information. If you entered an incorrect content, Siri will report directly to your question until you issue in line with its requirements. If your goal is to search for a particular activity, such as buying a movie ticket or Reservation, Siri will skip all the steps Google directly to complete the task. At least speaking from the idea indeed. Although Siri's ability is limited, but it does have potential.
as a technique to eliminate the previous processes, we will be able to use "subversive" to describe it.
a lot of classic tragedy will have some ironic plot, this one is no exception: through the introduction of Android, Google's Schmidt and invaded territory of Apple and Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs), the friends become sworn enemies for many years. Now, jobs has died, but still will rely on Siri's revenge. Although jobs initially said the acquisition of Siri is not to search, but Siri and its ecosystem has become the biggest threat to Google's history.