Industry opportunities-the rise of vertical search engines

  recently had several news associated with search engines attracted the attention of the public, article is about a Tao included independent B2C product content and user reviews of storm, another talk of Baidu recently developed content in conjunction with Twitter search. Seemingly calm search engine marketing revolution is brewing.
changes: Amoy Taobao and gradually began to choose
represented by the Amoy shopping search engine has officially entered the table, though at first glance appeared on goods included controversy, but also makes it instantly became the focus of public concern. Amoy has just grown, but rely on Taobao background, at least from the current can be observed, in Taobao, and some changes in the electricity market.
This is one of the most obvious is in the millions of groups of Taobao, Baidu Taobao is surrounded in the past rules of development, they focus on search engine optimization most, because Baidu's ranking has direct impact on their traffic and revenue. Now a Amoy Taobao must be distracting to study rules of search, and looking for opportunities.
also concerns transfers will have e-commerce module with SEM industry, some of the more mature business basically have their own SEM team, or outsourced teams, these merchant took out from Taobao, some are settled in the Taobao Mall, a Tao may long attached much importance to search for them, but now it may have to deploy strategic focus right away.
will also affect advertising and ad networks to millions of sites under the control of advertising space.
according to Sina Charles Chao's latest data, SINA weibo users in early November have reached 250 million. Large user base with content directly to the rise of the Twitter search, SINA has opened stand-alone Twitter search page.
search content based on user interaction, searching for SINA weibo looks more like a disruptive technological change. Various industries around Twitter search is also taking shape.
is the most typical were also the first to benefit from a public relations firm. They've got a Twitter search help businesses to public opinion supervision and public relations work. On one hand, through the Twitter search may be the earliest signs of public relations crisis in enterprises and likely a larger crisis control in the small sphere of influence as far as possible. The other hand, the PR firm can be manufactured through Twitter search, "public opinion" at low cost for the corporate propaganda to create maximum benefits.
second is Twitter search classification of information industry. SINA weibo day generating tens of millions of pieces of information, which variety, and SINA have developed micro-girl, micro-video, micro-blogging applications such as music box. But there is a wide range of information, such as Job Recruitment, secondary market, coupons, promotions and more. Huge user-generated content data, also has interactive features, Twitter category what is a gold mine.
global search engine marketing conference in Shanghai, the pulse of industry over the next decade to
on November 22 and 23rd, global search engine marketing conference will be held in Shanghai. Independent vertical search engines like Amoy, SINA Twitter search will be the focus of the meeting, in 2 days, including Baidu, Amoy, SINA and other executives of heavyweight experts at home and abroad, more than more than 40 speeches, the meeting will focus on search engine technology development trends, marketing experience and the most comprehensive discussion of social marketing in various ways.