CBI: a common business models in the Internet product analysis

  finding Internet business model, is very important and extremely difficult. Here the "Web 2.0" refers to the object than we commonly referred to as narrow. Value provides more open platforms, and allow other users to use, interactive, and completely dependent on UGC, provided only the ecological environment of the company. So, companies like Google, Amazon, and eBay is not contained in the column.
whether the view is correct and indisputable is, how to find a clear and sustainable business model is now the common problems faced by all Web 2.0 companies. Following general cases, several business models of Internet products makes a rough summary. It is important to note, this is just some common ways, doesn't mean that they will make a profit. After all, the reality is much more complex.
, on the whole, Internet access can be divided into two kinds of profit--from the upstream businesses access to and obtained from a downstream user. Businesses profit from the upper reaches and can be divided into two kinds, first model is for business referrals, probably in the following two ways.
1. Real-time search
real time search in the General Internet products still in the scope of promotion of profitability. Especially in the vertical product, user searches directly to certain businesses to charge for, the effect is very obvious. But there is a significant difference of Baidu's bid ranking is that products must be directly accountable to the results of a search on the Internet, that is, must be a ranked set of rules. Otherwise, like viral marketing, after rapid growth will inevitably usher in a crisis of confidence. Profit from upstream of the second pattern is the Commission.
2. Advertising
characteristic views using the Internet, advertisements are everywhere, especially to AdWords as the way to promote the emergence after. For vertical communities such as catering, tourism, cars, ads to promote merchants at the same time, can also play a personalized recommendation, adorned the site role. At this point, from earlier determined not to each entry, activity pages, there will be advertising the watercress, should be a good example.
combines art, niche position, watercress carefully select the right advertising brands, and with a style of advertising images, perfect integration. At this time, even with Adblock Plus will feel pity, maybe that is the highest level of advertising art.