Optimization of knowledge

  when doing website optimization, when the competitors are your site's ranking, the higher the better, especially ultra rank. How to go beyond the ranks of competitors, then we must pay attention to the following issues.
first, Baidu index of key words, this is a concern, it is in a period of attention to keyword search volume when the index is too small, then that site is not concerned enough, too much site belongs to the unusual site, this has no control, are very likely to be years of mother k station. Baidu index, 400-800 this is the middle of the area.
Second, Baidu search, Baidu, to enter keywords into the search, the number that appears is the keyword search volume, search below 2 million refers to the search volume is small, easy to do, but is difficult for more than 10 million words. When choosing keywords, according to Baidu index and search out and find good points from the Middle, do keyword.
the third, when doing website optimization, website Home of ranking is very important to, when doing website optimization, and cooperate in a number of ways to optimize. Home see the competitor's website's ranking why so good, where you can find a very good point, so as to improve their websites.