Optimization of knowledge

  construction one photographic website, believed to be the dream of many owners. There is a lot of traffic each day, super high popularity, activity of the website itself is also extremely surprising. Such a sense of accomplishment, goal of many seoer.
to build a high quality website, like building tall buildings, need to be built brick by brick, accidentally, materials can lead to too much complexity of the existing floor, accumulating too much rubbish, are vulnerable to natural hazards, and looked an unattractive appearance. Floors caused by too little material is the lack of tightness, will result in danger of collapse. Construction sites as well, wants to build a high quality website, little details to embellish it, not too go for quantity, it is easy to cause the website to be k, moderation is the most important. And how to master the proper principles? to familiarize ~
first, to all-round visibility and authority of a building site. In the complicated nature of the Internet industry in the market today, with a quality website, first of all to win the trust of users. Like us, in a daily leisure time, always like to go to the Web site focused on the latest current events in the community, and deeply believe in their authenticity. Such confidence is needed in building a quality Web site.
Second, continuous updating of content, and to a certain degree of readability. Many people in construction website zhihou, will in website established of early to update some articles, upgrade user of hits, and in maintenance a time zhihou, on became lazy has, days a article, and even is one week, and one months ranging, such no specification of articles update, only will is constantly of loss off user, then on website itself of flow even is into rate are has great of effect. After a user is in the habit of clicking on Web sites, will directly read content in a Web site, continuing the original and authoritative content is what users need, not updated for a long time, who will insist on clicking, believe you, and you do not ~
the third, to focus on communicating with other webmasters. Website optimization, this circle is extremely useful. Implementation of the Internet, is to make the most of the people gathered together in the same industry, to explore the new platform, new optimization techniques, only by continuously developing their own thinking, expanding his social circle, can be absorbed into the more new ideas, improve their SEO optimization tips.