Optimization of knowledge

  When a user enters a Web site, the site's overall style and other factors, can affect the site's bounce rate. Usually impacts your site's bounce rate has five levels:
user space buffer speed after entering the Web site, if the page loads too slowly, then users will be thinking outside of the site, not for browsing the Web. Users log on to the Web travel time is usually within 3 seconds of thinking time, if after 3 seconds a page loads, users will no longer be considered to continue to browse the Web;
2, page Web page appearance, also affects the site's bounce rate. For more users, they will care about the page is able to attract their attention, the so-called "good looks is half the battle." Beautiful of page design, will to user brings is big of Visual impact, to people wants to stay this page Shang of desire;
3, and products attraction
user into a website zhihou, has is strong of target sex, they need search they by needed of products, if products no attraction, so user also will directly jumped out of page, so said in products column in the, to very focused on products of description and products pictures show, improve user of stay time;
4, and content novel sex
Website in the of whether and other competition opponents of website content similar degrees is high, this is key, novel of content, will to user continues to browse down of desire, let its will content read finished, to reduced website of jumped out of rate;
5, and page typesetting rationality
page of typesetting is very important of, reasonable of text typesetting, and pictures typesetting also will effect to website of jumped out of rate. If a user enters a Web site, all text information is descriptive, not attractive, not able to attract the user's attention. And illustrated manner, clearly have an advantage.