Optimization of knowledge

  believe that as long as they are doing SEO should not people do not know that soft, soft for us seoer to equivalent site brochure. High quality soft just let us access to quality chain, better able to establish a good image for your Web site to attract customers ' attention and increase website traffic. For SEO optimization, and soft is a good helper for our optimization, but not all soft paper can make a Web site to attract the user's attention, only high quality soft paper to establish better publicity image for your Web site to attract more users.
the seoer who may write the soft article not difficult difficulty lies in how to make your own software of high quality, and webmasters to write the soft article readability information and nothing of great value or copy some high quality soft no originality, no more irrelevant content is a mess of piled together. So for our webmaster should produce high quality soft? small series below here to share with you how to write high quality soft.
no matter how we write the soft article, first of all, the first step is soft topic targeted, we write the soft article to be targeted at a certain point or when a certain aspect of selecting a suitable starting point. When we write the soft article must not widen, the theme is unknown, if we write the soft article is East and West make a topic does not detail that not only failed to attract user attention, but will make search engines think your article is spam. So we write the soft article must be clear, allowing users to think he's read valuable articles and not some spam.
2nd is soft, refined and full of depth, we write the soft article not long to write a bunch of worthless crap. Maybe you worked so hard to write thousands of words not does the reader's attention and makes readers think you're crap, this article has no value directly on the page in the upper right corner. It may be artificially long articles is not good, well do I shorten the article not on the line. This idea is not correct, if too short soft articles without content are empty, no more depth value of contents of the article more difficult to draw the reader's attention. So we write the soft article both concise and in-depth, concise words write the rich content with their mouths.
on how to write a high quality soft, small series will share with you here today. Hope these can help you in writing a high quality soft play a role.