Optimization of knowledge

  from this year, Baidu k station since Baidu official made it clear that, a large number of reprint and low-quality content site to Baidu focused on cracking down on the target. A large number of low-quality sites disappear from the user's severe, which underscored the determination of Baidu. Brunt range in this type of tourism website.
much do SEOER should know tourism Web site optimization, travel Web site has the most serious problems is the site content very high repetition rate, most small website will not develop their own tourism products, so they find all kinds of travel products from the Web, to enrich their travel products, this Act also brought their own websites is a serious hazard. Baidu started to fight against duplicate content site when such a site is made taboo.
site content is one thing, at the same time, Web site user experience also brings to the site problems.
travel Web site generally has a characteristic: the content of the site very much, layout is more complex, and a local tourism in a variety of tourism products, and lists on the site a lot, this also leads to a bad customer selection and Web site content lots of stuffing. Site layout is longer, the poor host than to bring a lot of pressure, and sites open slow, even some website pictures what is not loaded.
travel site because of the particularity of its industry, such serious problems, how to deal with these two points are SEOER should solve. Just dealing with these two points, travel websites will have their own spring.