Optimization of knowledge

  site owners usually bring their own website or blog at the bottom, used to exchange links or to the copyright notice. CC remind we must link at the bottom on its own Web site to promote keywords. CC recommends that the competition is not very keen of the word, but it can bring traffic to your blog or website. CC blog, originally the main keyword is "SEO in Chongqing", "optimization of Chongqing", now the main "Chongqing SEO" "xingtai website optimization", so to say whether it is an external or internal link anchor text, is made from the first two words, in the body of the article "Chongqing SEO" and "Chongqing site optimization" did not appear once. Answerable to, you can check my articles, SEO tools can also be used to view my external links.
is wrote this article articles is because/found has website bottom links for website SEO optimization really of too important has, consider to user experience I put "Chongqing SEO" most into has "SEO" while "Chongqing website optimization" also modified into has "website optimization" because in articles in the deliberately put area word plus, optimization traces too obviously has, I not like such, also believes most readers also not like such of articles. I paid the price, "Hebei SEO" term this rank has been falling, from the original top three, fell down three pages later.
CC a while ago on the link at the bottom of the blog to promote the "SEO" and "website optimization", but the effect is brought about by a couple words ranking soared-from no ranking to position the first two pages, CC believes in the ranks will continue to rise.